The Walker Family

One evening in June Carly suddenly experienced an inability to speak coherently and could not form complete sentences. She also experienced numbness on the right side of her body. After an MRI she was diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of s ping pong ball. I have been in complete awe by the way Carly has faced this battle in front of her. Her unwavering faith is truly moving. She is enduring radiation and chemotherapy while also being a beautiful mother to her 2 young girls and a wife to her husband Kaleb. If you’re the praying type please add Carly and her family to your list. If you are able please consider donating so she and her family can spend more of their time focusing on loving each other and healing instead of also having to worry about the financial burden that comes with cancer.


The Golightly’s | An East Texas Wedding Story

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The Gilbert’s | A Catholic San Antonio Wedding

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The Clinton Family

This was just one of those sessions that keeps me loving what I do. It was after several weeks, what felt like forever, of nonstop rain and cloudy days. The sun came through in a big way this evening and I had almost forgotten how much I loved working with it. Every single image from this session was just drenched in the dreamiest golden hour light. My ideal session condition. Add that and a gorgeous family with natural and authentic connection and you have the ingredients for some of the most beautiful images.

Diana’s Bridal Session at The Folmar

Diana’s dad was my very first basketball coach in the 2nd grade. I eventually moved away from the little town of Grand Saline but ended up playing basketball with Diana again when I was in high school on an AAU team. I was so pumped when Diana reached out to me to be her wedding photographer. I knew she was going to make a beautiful bride, but I don’t think I knew exactly how beautiful she was going to be! I was so in love with so many of the images from her bridal session at The Folmar in Tyler, TX. Here are some of my favorites. Hope you enjoy!