Casey + Megan | San Antonio Engagement Session

I am doing this super rare thing where I am actually sitting down and making myself blog. The reason this is rare is obvious to me at this very moment as I add these pretty images of these beautiful people all in love…. my kiddos are screaming from the top of their lungs, something that I can’t quite make out, at each other downstairs. Oh the joys of being a work at home mom a lot of the time 😉 So all of that to say that I am blogging these past sessions in no particular order, but I am blogging nonetheless so let’s just all consider this a win!

This was a fun engagement session that began at The Hotel Emma on the River in San Antonio with a little walking throughout the entire Pearl area. Then we headed off to Casey’s and Megan’s house in downtown San Antonio for a quick change of clothes before finishing the afternoon off at the stables with their cherished horse Cavi.

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